Leather Cleaning

Leather lounges, sofas and chairs can be very expensive. If they are not cleaned properly with the correct chemicals more damage can be caused.

JS Crown Carpet Cleaning have been trained by LEATHER MASTER (tm) and always perform cleaning to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

All cleaning is done by carefully by hand and not by machine.

Once cleaning is complete, we condition the leather to neutralise the pH and then apply protection  to help keep your precious leather furniture cleaner for longer.


Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning requires the correct tools and the correct attitude. That is why we have invested in the best equipment available today. But having the best equipment does not guarantee the best result.

JS Crown Carpet Cleaning have completed every course in the industry. We are so happy with our results that we are comfortable giving a 200% guarantee on our work.

Please look at our video testimonials. You will see customers like Marina who had a bad experience with another company who did not take the same level of care. To achieve the right results you must use the correct chemicals, temperature and pressure . You can watch Marina's testimony opposite.

Marina had an issue with another cleaner. See her testimony below.


Blood Stains

Blood has clotting components that when exposed to pressure changes and ambient air, it immediately activates and sticks together. There are a lot of proteins in blood that are not dissolved by water. 

At JS Crown Carpet Cleaning we know what enzymes and other chemicals we need to make sure the job is completed effectively.

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