We clean to a standard not to a price

Have you got allergies? Do you have pets? Do you love your wool carpets? Have you had water damage? Is your driveway stained?


We are proud of our work and we care about our customers. 

Please watch our testimonial videos and see for yourself.



Everyone loves their pets, but from time to time we need to do a really good deep clean.

JS Crown are experts at removing general pet smells, urine and other unsavoury accidents.

Red Wine!

Nail polish, cordial, urine stains and blood. 

We can do it, and leave no trace.

Flood damage can happen from storms or from appliance disasters.

We specialise in not only cleaning the area, but replacing and fixing the resulting floor damage.

Tile Cleaning

All your indoor living areas

Blood Stains

Why is blood so hard to get out of carpet?

The haemoglobin in blood is made up of 35% iron. The red colour comes from there.

How do we get it out?

Leather Cleaning

Leather sofas and chairs can look great again.

Driveway Cleaning

Let us make your driveway look great again.

Commercial Cleaning

Offices and Council Spaces

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